Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Daring Adventures of Penhaligon Brush

The Daring Adventures of Penhaligon Brush, by S. Jones Rogan (2007), is a fabulous book.

Penhaligon Brush is a fox. He was abandoned by his parents, who went to find a better world, when he was young, so he stayed with a family of badgers. His favorite was his badger brother, Bancroft (the badger shown on the cover).

Penhaligon journeys from Ramble-on-the-Water to the town of Porthleven to meet his brother, but when he gets there he finds that the whole city has been over-run by a ferret army. It is up to him to defeat the spoiled nephew of Lady Furball Feline, to get back Furball Manor, who is leading the ferrets...

This book is both entertaining, has a lot of detail, and something I can't put my finger on, without opening the book....I loved it!


Anonymous said...

I am delighted that you truly enjoyed The Daring Adventures of Penhaligon Brush ! As you know I adored this book as well.
The good news is that S.Jones Rogan has written a sequel called
The Curse of the Romany Wolves.
I am looking forward to reading it and enjoying more adventures :)

I hope to see you soon at the library.
Your friend,

Miss Babs

Ms. Yingling said...

I really like your reviews! I have blog rolled you and hope that this encourages you to review whatever you are reading now.

Ben said...

Dear Miss Babs,
I'm reading the Curse of the romany wolves!

And thanks, Ms. Yingling!