Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two from Doug Tennapel--Bad Island and Ghostopolis

Hello! I'm back with something really special--a double review of two great graphic novels by Doug Tennapel.

First up, Bad Island. In this book a family of four go out for an outing in a small sailboat, but when the weather turns nasty, they are blown to an unusual island where they meet some of their fiercest, wildest, and weirdest creatures on earth (maybe in the whole galaxy). With something hunting them, they can't afford to care about health and hygiene-- they're caught in a battle of life and death! Thrills, chills, and excellent pictures!

Ghostopolis. In this book, what seems to be a normal boy is transported to the spirit world, where the laws of the real world are turned on their head (which is why ghosts are able to fly). In his perilous adventure, he meets a nightmare--a skeleton horse--he calls Skinny, and the ghost of his long-dead grandfather. A ghost hunter who has been fired and a ghost who escaped to the living world try to find the boy and return him to his proper place, while evil bug creatures under the ruler of the ghost world try to find and destroy him...

I think this is a brilliant use of art to help tell an exciting story! I'd have to say I liked this one best, but Bad Island is pretty great as well.