Sunday, July 5, 2009

This Side of Magic, Keyholders Volume 1

This Side of Magic is a book about two ordinary kids, named Penny and Luke, who have a neighbor named Mr. Leery. Mr. Leery is a Keyholder, a regular human who defends the real world from the magical world. He is the last remaining Keyholder, and he takes Penny and Luke to be his apprentices. Mr. Leery has a cat named Mo, who is his "link." A link is a magical being bonded to a human by spirit and a bracelet with a crystal (in this case, it's purple amethyst). So Penny and Luke become the new Keyholders, but there's another new keyholder, Natalie...this part comes at the end of the book.

This is the book is about the beginning of an adventure that will take willpower, determination, and magical beings to keep the balance of the two worlds. I like this book because of the fast paced plot, with not much "blah blah blah,"said this person and "blah blah blah" said the other person. I would recommend it to an eight year who isn't ready for Harry Potter.

The next book, The Other Side of Magic, is next on my reading list.