Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Prince of Irleand and the Three Magic Stallions

Prince of Ireland and the Three Magic Stallions by Bryce Milligan, illustrated by Preston McDaniels.

This book is about an Irish prince whose mother dies and time passes and the king, his father, marries another woman who bears the king two more sons. Wanting her sons to claim the throne, the queen puts a geis (pronounced gaysh, meaning a kind of magic spell or curse) on him. The geis is that he
"sleep two nights under the same roof nor eat two meals from the same fire until you have brought [the queen] the three magic stallions that the young giant Sean O'Donal keeps at the edge of the western world."

But before he goes, he puts a geis on her...

Can he fulfill his task, and foil the wicked queen?

I liked this book very much because it is a different kind of fairy tale--it's Irish and that makes a nice change. I liked the illustrations a lot.