Monday, September 15, 2008


Eco-Wolf and the Three Pigs, by Laurence Anholt is a very good book. This time the Wolf wins, and he is a good wolf. In the story, Eco-Wolf makes water powered machines, without polluting the water. He teaches animals how to not litter, and instead of a house he has a wigwam.

Then three big pigs come, and they're going to build houses, whatever it takes. The first house was a straw house. That night Eco-Wolf called the animals to his tent. He said the old oak trees the pigs had cut down were like his brothers and sisters. And Eco-Wolf gives the pigs the Bird Treatment (calling all the birds and the birds taking the straws). Then the pigs build a wood house, and the same thing happens but with burrowing animals making burrows. The next building the pigs made was a giant concrete shopping mall with a free way leading up to it. Will Eco-Wolf be able to stop them?

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Bethany said...

Hi Ben,
I love your blog. And this book looks super cool. I will have to check it out. I love the whole concept, so original. I love the way you reviewed it too. You are a fantastic writer. I will be visiting often. And um, I've never tried pickled bananas before. Are they tasty?
Happy Day,